Monday, February 8, 2010

Wo Yao Hui Jia!!

Okay i'm sorry for not updating my blog these days. I seriously don't like to blog in english.== anyway i truely noe that blogging in english helps me alot. Just that sometimes, my standard is not HIGH enough to let me express my feeling in the way i want. so these are my feelings:

1.I want to go back.
2.I want to go back.
3.I want to go back.
4.I want to go back.
5.I want to go back.
6.I want to go back.
7.I want to go back.
8.I want to go back.
9.I want to go back.
10.I still want to go back.

so i think you can STRONGLY feel my "keinginan" to return home. Oya, Chinese blog is coming soon. Chinese New Year is also coming soon. Deng Wo deng wo!


jia haw said...


ZzlynlynzZmushroom said...


chonfan said...

to jia haw : haha, i'm seriously desperated to go home!! Yay!!

to ZzlynlynzZmushroom : haha. okay!!

Lonely Dragon said...


anonymousblablabla said...

哇...等你等你!!XD 一定超级想家咯!!=P

chonfan said...

to Lonely Dragon : On! 你联络所有人~ XD

to anonymous blablabla : 现在打华语了。 ^^