Friday, January 22, 2010

the road not taken

well, i'm now walking on a tough dangerous yet tiring road. i noe. i noe it won't be easy for me, but that is my choice. knowing that it might take a long period of time to reach the end of this road, i thought i had prepared emotionally and spiritually. anyway, i'm still wondering what will happen if i choose the road not taken..

Dad called me yesterday, and that made my burden dad is actually an open-minded person, and i truely appreciate that. the same thing comes to my mum.she called me at night, knowing that her son might too weak to continue his journey.i'm okay with it..i'm really okay with it..but i don't want to walk alone. I had chosen a lonely road.

friends say people from sarawak speak standard chinese, like those from china. is it something to proud of? hah.

how is everyone? nowadays i got a lot and a lotttt of assignments. and what my housemate told me was :"welcome to the world of architecture"..== he said, he could guarantee that there would be at least 5 assignments in the first week. and that time i was thinking to quit. XD

the time is passing slowly everyday here. sometimes i wonder why 24hours here is different from 24hours in kuching. the only time i need "time" is when i'm sleeping..and my goodness i sleep at 12am every nite! (my usual sleeping time is 3am ==)

Not really feel like to blog these days, as i really dun like to blog in english.. >.<>.<

2010/01/23 new year is still NOT around the corner..for ME.


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Nicholas said...

Wao, it seem like you are suffering quite bad but you must know that the road not taken is something new in life. So you must appreciate or face it since you have the courage to chose it.

"friends say people from sarawak speak standard chinese, like those from china. is it something to proud of?" Ans: Yeah, it is something to proud of. Because knowing more than one language is very important in the society. Think of those pure banana, no doubt about it they are strong in english. So what?? They only knew one language but you knew two.

Remember what Mr. Charles said today? He said that someone might not be good at something but he might be good at other thing. As I remember, everyone has it own good and bad as well.

Blog in english helps a lot. It can help you to improve your writing skill even though it is bad now. But what about after a year? You might be a great writer. I am bad in english as well but I am trying to improve myself as much as possible to continue the road. This is what we called "LEARNING".

Assignment? Don't worry, we can deal with it. We are human being, if they can do so do we. Don't ever think of quit, quit is like failing yourself. For example, if you are being suck by a black hole and you are forcing yourself to escape from it but you failed. Even though you failed but at least you tried your best to escape.

Anyway, those were my opinion psychologically to console you not to think negatively about the road you had chose to walk so don't be too sensitive about it.

Lastly, "Be POSITIVE" cause everything come in bad and good as well. Every time you think of the good path, you walk the path.

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aylwin89 said...

Hey, noone is ever prepared for anything in the future. Noone will be always ok. It ok to sometime be not ok...
Family is very important in this journey and when u have problem dont be doubtful about asking help from family and frens. I will be owes supporting u, my fren le....
Trying blogging in english... It's a good place to build up ur wrting skills cos u might need the writing skills along ur university journey.
When u face a sudden change of atmosphere, u will feel tired and lazy to do anything at all. So sleep more... Rest and exercise..
PS: My comment was actually loooonger for the previous post but some internet problem and I lost everything I wrote sad.....

ZzlynlynzZmushroom said...

Fan... Dun be too stressed o.... Go mid valley more *wink wink* u noe wad i mean la ho.... haha.... (put me pigeon)XD

JumpJumpJump said...

link! hintz

li-thium said...

jia you! :]

chonfan said...

fan@to jia haw : hahah, yea, sleep sleep! =D

to Nicholas : Wow nicholas your comment is the longest in my blog. == btw i noe three languages~ *blink blink* :p Yeah no doubt blog in english really helps a lot but sometimes my vocabulary is limited. == haha, you know what? I'm now waiting for your arrival in the school library. YOU ARE LATE!! Hmmmphhhh~!

to anonymous blablabla : thanks for still supporting my "english blog"..XD jia you!

to aylwin : haha i see your "loooonger" i can imagine how loooong you have written. XD yea when human face a sudden change of atmosphere they are lazy to do anything. but seriously i have many things to do.. XD yesterday i was rushing for my assignment and there's more to be done. T.T

to ZzlynlynzZmushroom : Dunwan, mid valley is not fun. =( haha, you din even tell me when did you go lerh.. :p put you pigeon? put you aeroplane la~

to Jumpjumpjump : link! chonfan~ =3

to li-thium : LOL no wonder somehow i feel wierd about your comment. XD Hi Lii! how are you? how is kitty? =D

anonymousblablabla said...

lalala...always support u d mar~~bluek!!!XD

li-thium said...

haha hi! im fine. kitty? kitty is asking about kitty? :p hehe. and anyway, it's good that you're blogging in English cause (a) I can understand it :p and (b) It sure will help you to improve a lot.

and whatever hardships you face now, don't give up! you can do it! :]

chonfan said...

to li-thium : haha yea exactly u noe what i'm typing about. XD so kitty still in kuching la? :p

here got one sarah and she reminds me of you. haha.

li-thium said...

lol! kitty just got back from kl. ohh really? how come? and don't you dare say height. *stares* hahaha

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