Saturday, April 3, 2010


I can't really think of a cool title for today's post.

The creative thinking 6 hats mind map was making all of us in a trying circumstance. Everyone came out with a brilliant idea and we ended up nothing. By the way we broke up the main idea our friendship was being broken up as well. Trust me, we are quite united -> in hating someone.

The green hat is a creative hat. The idea "less rubbish" was finally ended up with a real rubbish. And that was the only time we appreciated the rubbish.

"Hey don't throw that rubbish Lahh!"

"Harh..? oH, sorry.." (looking at me with a freakish and a dunno-why face when he was just trying to clear the table after the work had been done. He is innocent. I'm bad. )

that is me. DO NOT ever try to provoke me or something or else i'll make you a rubbish lunch.

The nine square matrix assignment was killing me and my brain cells.

This is the final product of my work after three of his brothers were being rejected by me and thrown into the recycle bin. We need to show how a simple shape can be developed and transformed into a complex one. My group title is "interlock". Basically we need to show how things interlocking each other from a simple way to a complicated way, called nine square matrix. The materials used are the expensive one:

1. the board = RM 2.50 x 3

2. the penknife = RM 2.50 x 2 (one spoilt T.T)

3. the UHU dunno what glue = RM9.50 x 1 (and trust me it is smaller than 1/2 of your palm size)

4. my vitality = priceless lah of cause. My jeans are getting looser already. (T^T)

I spent 4 hours doing the bone-like roof of this most complicated part. And for serious i target for an A+ for doing this torturing part. But I only managed to get an A-. Reasons? :

"Why i can just get an A-?"

"Oh, this part is too complicated." (pointing at my most satisfactory bone-like roof which requires 4 hours of cutting and glue-ing.)

"What if i remove this part, do i deserve an A+?"




WHAT? I purposely did that part to show how complicated can the simple interlocking triangle transform to. And you told me that IT IS TOO COMPLICATED.. I don't even know you did set a limitation for the complexity for the most complicated part. FINE, it's complicated.

This is my friend's work. NICE right? =D He got an A+ for this outstanding one. He can always come out with creative ideas to do his works, and this talent makes me a bit jealous, in a positive way. =)

As what my fake sister requested, i blog in English this time, with a dictionary besides me. >.<

I miss the sleeping beauty pig - the wild boar. :p

Good night everyone. =)

2010/4/3 2.37 a.m.


aylwin89 said...

Wa...I'm the first to comment again....Seriouly u need to sleep earlier or rather jus come study in London. I'm sure the time zone suits u better...
Not bad la ur job although can only see so much from photos....

Lilian said...

u should appreciate it...
if is the one academy dun say A+..A- oso hard to get....
4 d art materials u can buy from vision art...just bhind of the one...there is cheaper...i buy a midium size uhu gum RM9 onli

chonfan said...
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chonfan said...

to aylwin89 : because the time i posted my blog was the night time in london wad.== haha. no money go london la. thank you! =3

to Lilian :well i know i should appreciate that but i just couldn't accept the reason she gave me.It is sth not fair for just telling me that it is complicated. One academy is an art school, i believe that their standard is much more higher, but i don't think that school has my course. Vision art is a bid far from my place. I bought the small human from there, not really cheap also, almost RM10. Anyway thanks for your advice. =)

Ida said...

OMG english post. nuuuuuuuuu wo xi huan ni xie hua yu. =3

你的作品很美呀。是我我给A++. But then again, i am not an architecture student, I won't know the difference. Except that I applaud you for your patience in making such a pain in the ass project work. I think I would die halfway through if i were you.

Ae, misshu la=(

chonfan said...

to ida : =D yea lo i think i should not blog in English sounds so haolien like that. >.< Yay thanks for your A+ but trust me you won't die half way. you will surely come out with better work than mine. =)

I misshu too. Punteng wana ask you ppl out this week one.. but you look busy and bo mood bo mood like that. so i cancelled my plan. =(

li-thium said...

Omg english post. yessssssss. hahaha

but this time, I agree with Ida. I would've died halfway. D:

anonymousblablabla said...