Friday, March 12, 2010

These are the only things i can give you. =)

time is flying. today is 12 march and yea, my third month in PJ. I bought my laptop but heii..can someone brings me a broadband as my belated birthday present? >.< align="left">yesterday was a "public holiday" for FNBE students. Know what, Nicholas and i were the only two persons in the English tutorial room. == seems like everyone sit for spm last year was going back home to take thier results excluded me and him. So what so amazed when i said i didn't go back to kuching for the results? The reason is "I hate Air asia".

Congrates to Gladys! She is the top of the top SPM student in WHOLE MALAYSIA!!!! Omg i had goosebumpsssss when i heard that. (so proud to be her friend suddenly XD)

Hey mogu! so haolien one post your results in your blog! I fight back you!!! :p

my results :

unexpected, satisfied.

Regards to my mummy and daddy, these are the only things I can give you:
flying colour results, and love.
2010/3/12 Friday 3.00 pm.


ZzlynlynzZmushroom said...

din haolien pun.....and also, biggest reason...cant haolien pun...haha!! our results same same leh..heez>< ah mian still stand beside me when get results leh... wakaka!! stupid me, still ask y fan din come get results when ur name announced.....sot jor le me...wakaka!!!XD

lon家馨 said...

wad a nice result~
good job =p

aylwin89 said...

WA....8A+ bo..History and add maths..but chem din get A+..haha should have come to my house for tuition more often haha..Chemistry should get A+ ma..but nevertheless great job...11As....2 As less than me haha....But luckily they din change the SPM system at my time or else I will jus get A nia no A+....(Qian xu le...)

anonymousblablabla said...

哇!!!你的成绩很够力啊!!!!8个A+叻!!!我的学校有个华人男生拿6A+我都很佩服了...o.O 你真的很利害!!!=D

li-thium said...

come, swap results. haha congrats!